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Rondocubistic building Myslivna „Na Stráži“ was constructed in 1924 according to the project of the builder ing Otakar Nypl for Cyril Bartoň of Dobenín (CBD).The construction was most probably influenced by previous projects of Dušan Jurkovič. Since 1958 it has been on the National heritage list. Next to Myslivna there are stables for approximately 7 horses, there is also a farm building and an orchard and some wood belong to the building. Total area of the land is 15.057 square metres. Myslivna Černošice is located in Prague-west district approximately 18 kilometres south-west of the centre of Prague and 5 kilometres from Zbraslav.

Description of the residence

As the name suggests „Na Stráži“ (On the guard) a provincial trail used to be guarded here long time ago. And it was here where the rich business man and patron Cyril Bartoň of Dobenín, the owner of Zbraslav manor had one of his gamekeeper´ s lodges built.

The building of this beautiful gamekeeper´s lodge with a touch of Slavonic folk architecture given to it by a significant architect of Slavonic origin Dušan Jurkovič is located on a piece of land of total area of 15.057 square metres including the built-up area. Connected to the vila there are stables for approximately seven horses, a caretaker´s office with farm facilities from the second half of the 20th century. An orchard and some woody land also represent an integral part.

Myslivna is a 3 floor building with cellars and an attic. The basement has walls of stones and the 2 living floors are wooden with timbering. An attic with large open surfaces completes the building. The architecture with the use of natural material is based on the combination of carved motives, details and lively colours. The representative character of the building with reference to the owner of Zbraslav manor Cyril Bartoň of Dobenín is suggested by the initials CBD in the gable around rounded windows and a board with a coat of arms embedded in the stone bedding. Under the coat of arms there is a window opening covered with a grating with the era 1924 embedded. The central stone rectangular entrance portal has a sign engraved LP 1924 CONSTRUCTED WITH THE CARE AND AT THE COST OF CYRIL BARTOŇ OF DOBENÍN/PROJECT ACCOMPLISHED BY ING.O.NYPL THE CONSTRUCTOR. The interior of the ground floor contains stone rectangular portals with original doors, a stone staircase from the basement to the ground floor and a wooden staircase with simply structured railings to the 2 living floors. There is a trough roof with new tin roofing. Nearby the building of the gamekeeper´s lodge there is a stone coat of arms encircled with a sign: 1910: CYRIL RYT. BARTON OF DOBENIN (a secondary placement from the closed gamekeeper´s lodge).

The gamekeeper´s lodge and the adjacent land are the subject of national heritage protection.

Disposition of the building and the project

Myslivna „Na Stráži“ is located outside the main built-up area of Černošice, in the west on an elevated plateau „Na Stráži“. It is separated from the main built-up area of Černošice by the hill Babka (364m). The compound of the gamekeeper´s lodge was probably only created with the construction of the cabin in 1924.

Built-up area of the vila No 351 129 square metres
Built-up area of the farm building 288 square metres

Useful area of the gamekeeper´s lodge
1 UGF 128 square metres
1 AGF 128 square metres
2 AGF attics 104 square metres
3 AGF loft 46 square metres
Total useful area 406 square metres

Useful area of the farm building:
1 AGF 351 square metres
2 AGF 263 square metres
Total useful area 614 square metres

Total area of the land for sale is: 15,057 square metres

The building is connected to the municipal gas pipes, has its own water supply through 2 deep wells (27 m and 60 m) and has its own water sewerage system.

At the end of 2019 a project for reconstruction and adjustments of the gamekeeper´s lodge, reconstruction of the administrative/farm building and the project for the revitalization of all premises were approved. The project for the adjustment of the premises is focused on the adjustment of hardened surfaces, drainage of surface water with the help of drainage technology, accumulation of rainwater and its use and imbibition on the land.
In 2019 a new well was constructed on the land.

In 2020/2021 the reconstruction of the facade and a part of interior of the building of the lodge was realized.
The reconstruction was partially covered from grant money.

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