The company CHATEAU.CZ provides consultancy and architectural services within the area of château real estate. We dispose of a wide database of châteaus as well as other historical compounds in the Czech Republic.

The individual approach to each client is of the utmost importance for us and we therefore also offer above-standard services for the demanding and fully occupied clients.We ensure discrete sales or search for a convenient property according to their wishes to those clients who demand absolute privacy and anonymity. We closely cooperate with specialists within the legal, financial and grant areas. Thanks to our contacts and experience with the arrangement of necessary authorizations from The National Heritage Institute we are able to ensure both engineering and building execution.

CHATEAU.CZ offers its services for the proprietors of historical compounds as well as for potential prospective buyers.


Thanks to its professional familiarity with chateau and historical compounds and attractive contact database CHATEAU.CZ company will assist you at the sale of your property.

Contact us and we will inspect your property , consult the current situation on the real estate ,market and all appropriate things connected with the sale of the chateau.

We are ready to cater for:

  • Property assessment
  • Preparation of contract conditions from the legal company Havel, Holásek &Partners, LLC., who we cooperate with
  • Professional photo-documentation of the property and presentation of your compound on the webpage
  • Presentation and sale of your property in the frame of non-public offer
  • Chateau inspections with potential prospective buyers


CHATEAU.CZ company disposes of chateau compounds whose complete presentation is to be found in our catalogue – see part of the registration .On the webpage you can find only a selection from the offer, you are welcome to see more information about the non-public property database in ou office.

Thanks to the long-time experience with the reconstruction of chateau compounds and perfect acquaintance with the chateau real estate market we are able to provide advisory service on the choice of a convenient chateau compound and the plan for its prospective use

We can cater for:

  • An offer draft of the chateaus in accordance with individual requirements of the client
  • Organization of property inspections with respect to the client s needsa
  • Design for the potential use of the chateau compound
  • Architectonic project
  • Property construction-technological condition analysis
  • Procuration of relevant permits for National Heritage Institute
  • Grant consultancy in cooperation with the company Accon Group a.s.
  • Legal service in cooperation with the legal company Havel, Holásek & Partners s.r.o.
  • Complete reconstruction of the chateau
  • Complete furnishing of the chateau

Společnost CHATEAU.CZ s.r.o. se specializuje na komplexní služby spojené s celkovou obnovou historických objektů, od nákupu nemovitosti, plánu budoucího využití, poradenské a projekční činností, zajištěním příslušných povolení až po zajištění rekonstrukce a uvedení do provozu.

Hlavním cílem společnosti je poskytnout profesionální investiční a poradenské služby přímo na přání budoucího majitele zámeckého objektu. Společnost s.r.o. je dceřinou společností architektonického atelieru Studio Anarchitekt s.r.o., který se od roku 2002 zabývá obnovou historických objektů v Čechách. Architektonická kancelář spolupracuje s týmem profesních specialistů v oboru grantové politiky, statiky staveb, techniky prostředí staveb, restaurování památek a krajinářské architektury.

Referenční stavby a projekty: viz

In cooperation with a specialized company ACCON we prepare a grant strategy, file a subsidy application, we procure administration and using of the finance, service at project realization and their sustainability. The Operational Programme Environment,Operational Programme Of Enterprise and Innovation for Competitivness, Operational Programme Employment, Research , Development, Education Programme, the State Fund for Transport Integration, Integrated Regional Operation Programme, Operation Programme Transport, State found for housing development, Ministry of Regional Development.

We support the realization of business purposes with a clear added value, innovative potential and projection of growth in form of service, capital and investors mediation. Ministry of Industry and Trade, ČMRZB, INOVACE, POTENCIÁL, INVESTICE

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