Uherské Hradiště
Distance from Prague
270 km
1.296.300 EUR

Château Ořechov is an early baroque château built in the first half of 16th century. There was a radical reconstruction in the 20th century and the château got its current shape. Inside the château there is a restored baroque château chaple which represents historically the most valuable room of the château. A part of the château is today open for public. The château is located in the district of the town Uherské Hradiště approximately 270km from Prague.


The château was constructed in about the first half of the 16th century. It got its current shape after a radical reconstruction in the 20th century. In the year 2007 a complex complete reconstruction of the building was started and it has been running on since then. The ground floor of the building is of a symetrical“ U“ shape with attached farm building wings. The main château building of the complete length of 45metres and width of 8metres has three floors that stand on a small cellar with a function well. On the first floor of the Northern part of the central building there is a „water world“ right next to the entrance hall. There is to be found a swimming pool equipped with a collection of waterfalls and a coctail bar and a Finnish sauna. In the Suthern half there is an entrance hall with sanitary facilities and two multifunctional halls. On the second floor of the Northern part there is a big château hall and a wooden bar. Right next to it there is a restored baroque château chaple which represents historically the most valuable room inside the building. Next to the chaple we can find an extensive château library and study. On the third floor there is a private residence of the owners that has gone through a complete reconstruction Dr Alessandro Alagia has the château in possession today. The château compound is used by the owner for private purposes but a part is open to public. There are for instance concerts, local events, in the chaple wedding ceremonies take place. There is a so called „water world“– a pool with some waterfalls and similar facilities.

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