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Château Stružná is originally a late renaissance château built at the end of the 16th century by Linhart Colona of Fels. The building underwent several reconstructions during different historical periods, starting from the 16th century up to the present day, and is recognized as a cultural heritage (historical monument, level II). 12 hectare grounds and several farm buildings belong to the chateau. Stružná chateau can be found in the village of Stružná, 13 km from Karlovy Vary, the largest and most famous spa town of the Czech Republic and approximately 120 kilometres west of Prague.


The chateau has three wings – east, north and west, forming a “U” shape. The east wing comprises of the so called “Old Chateau”, with origins dating back to the late 16th century – the Renaissance period. The west and north wing, the “New Chateau”, come from the end of the 17th century – the Baroque period. The chateau burnt down in 1811 and a reconstruction of the whole complex in the Neo-Renaissance style was finished in 1884, including an extension of the tower in the east wing (five-sided roundel).

  • 1953 the modifications related to the change of purpose were finished
  • 1963 – 1970 general reconstruction
  • 1998 – 2000 reconstruction of roofs, lightning protection and one-third of facades


East wing:
1 underground floor and 2 above-ground floors + attic of rectangular ground plan with pitched roof, divided on the right side by a 5-storey tower finished with a steep roof.
1st underground floor – corridor, toilets, technical equipment and storage
Ground floor – a corridor leading through the whole length of the building, halls and living rooms on the courtyard side, toilets
1st floor – through-corridor, halls and rooms, tower staircase

West and north wing:
1 underground floor and 2 above-ground floors + attic and tower in the shape of four-sided pyramid.
1st underground floor – 2nd above-ground floor – corridor, halls, rooms, chapel across 2 floors, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, storage, heating room, staircase
Attic – living rooms, staircase leading to the loft, with the tower in the shape of glassed four-sided pyramid in the right corner of the loft.

The surroundings of the chateau

The surroundings of the chateau are part of the historic micro region with many historic buildings and opportunities for active sports. Among others, there is a ruin of Angel Mountain Castle [Andělská hora] there (its origin dates back to the 15th century). The interesting urban design of the whole village of Stružná was affected by the castle. Angel Mountain Castle offers a view of a vast area, especially the Ore Mountains with their highest mountain called Klínovec (1264 m above sea). It is a very interesting nature area with specific climate of almost intact environment.

As one of the local attractions, there is an important local golf course with extensive technical and social facilities meeting the international parameters west of the castle at a distance of 3 km and in close proximity to the highway Karlovy Vary – Prague.

The international airport Karlovy Vary and Vítkova Hora [The Vítek Mountain] towering above with a restaurant for tourists can be found 3 km southwest from Stružná.

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